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At Sports Picks Weekly we are very proud of our handicapping service. For this reason, we have decided to keep all our sports picks monitored through THREE different independent monitoring services.

Please feel free to see all our picks and full write-ups, posted after each play through the site links below. 

Our service is one of a kind and we are proud to announce, Sports Picks Weekly as the best Sports Handicapping service available. 


All of our plays are now being monitored through two different monitoring services. Check us out!!  


                               Sports Picks Weekly

                                              Daily, Weekly and Monthly packages available


1 Day Package- WANT SOME ACTION? Receive all our picks for that day with complete write-ups and analysis, PLUS our "Play of the day" for that day. $19.99

7 Day Package- TRY US OUT: Receive all our picks with write up and analysis for 7 Days, PLUS the "Play of the day" every day. $39.99

30 Day Package- BEST OPTION: Receive all our picks with write up and analysis for 30 Days + Receive our "Play's of the day" daily. $99.99

3 Month PackageLONG TERM: Receive all our picks with write up and analysis for 3 Months + Receive our "Play's of the day" daily. $199.99

All Daily, Monthly, and Weekly packages could alter picks between most major sports. If you would like to tailor your package for specific sport(s) or would like a longer package than offered above please request through email. Thank you.

Sports Picks Weekly Packages


NFL and NCAA Football Package

Our NFL/NCAAF Football package includes all of our NFL and NCAA regular season and the BIG GAME selections.

Only $199.00 for the ENTIRE NFL/NCAAF SEASON!  

(Early bird special only until beginning of preseason NFL games.)

This package includes:
• All of our NCAA Plays on Saturday
• All of our NFL Plays on Sunday
• All of our NFL "PLAYS OF THE DAY" throughout the NFL Season
• All Monday Night NFL Games   
• All NCAA Weekday Plays
• All Holiday Plays & Special Plays (Thanksgiving, Labor Day, Christmas, New Years)

Get on now!

NFL/NCAAF Season Package

NBA and NCAAB Basketball Package

Cash in BIG with World Champion Basketball Handicappers here at Sports Picks Weekly

We offer both the college and pro hardwood through the Final Four Championship Game and Game 7 of the NBA Finals! 

Get our ENTIRE SEASON for both pro and college ball for only $249!!

NBA/NCAAB Season Package

                             Guaranteed Options

Our highest rated, "PLAY OF THE DAY" for only $9.99!!!!

That's right! No gimmicks. No tricks. Super low fee!!

Our "Play of the day" is GUARANTEED!!!

If you don't win, we don't charge you! Simple!

Guaranteed Play Of The Day

Let us do the WINNING for YOU!!

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